How YouPOLL App works

What is YouPOLL ?

YouPOLL App is the solution for creating polls and surveys, conducting Market Research or elections, sharing your opinions and getting answers to pertinent questions.

You can post your content publicly or send privately to friends or specifically target a unique demographic of users and you can continue to repost your content again and again both publicly and privately indefinitely.

A gender breakdown of poll/survey results is given and the detailed poll statistics feature breaks down your results based on age, gender, location and occupation of the voters

A gender breakdown of poll/survey results is given and the detailed poll statistics feature breaks down your results based on age, gender, location and occupation of the voters.

Your results and a detailed graphical presentation can be shared on social media or exported via email.

You can ensure responses to your content by offering cash rewards for participation and likewise you can earn cash by participating in polls posted by other users.

How does it work ?

After sign up, your username is unique and since only one personal login account is possible per device, each individual can vote only once and changing your vote is not possible.

Therefore each vote in YouPOLL represents 1 unique user making YouPOLL the ideal tool for conducting elections.

You can signup with an advertisement free second business profile which does not have voting permission but has enhanced features for posting content, such as the ability to keep user comments and the results of your polls/surveys hidden.

Via the settings tab you can set your account to private thus hiding content in your profile from everyone except friends. While keeping your account public you can still hide specific content in your profile from everyone by selecting “tick to hide poll in mypolls page” when posting.

This is useful when you have a public account and you post personal polls to friends or family. Even though only those friends have access to vote on the poll, no one will see the poll in your profile.

You can post content and comment on content anonymously and you can repost the same content but this time make non-anonymous.

Content posted to friends grants only those friends access to vote on your content. When posted publicly to “world” then everyone can vote.

You can continue to repost your content to more friends or directly to a known username granting them access to vote. At the same time you can even sponsor the same content to specific users filtered by their age, gender, location and occupation.

You can invite anyone to vote on your survey simply by sharing direct links to your survey.

Each time you vote on a poll or complete a survey you get 1 poll point. When you sponsor polls to specific demographics you require 10 poll points to sponsor to 1 user.

If you have insufficient poll points then you can augment your poll points by paying 1 cent to sponsor to 1 unique user from your specified demographic.

The “offer cash to users for poll response” (cashpoll)* feature enables you to offer, within your poll/survey, €x to x number of users and each time a user completes your poll they are credited with €x ,which they can redeem via PayPal. With surveys, a user must vote on all questions to get credited cash; therefore when posting surveys provide options like “not applicable” so that users have an option relevant to them for every question. Kindly note that once posted, refunds are not possible for unclaimed cash attached to polls/surveys. You can Repost a survey with cash attached to more users; but if you add more cash to that survey you will overwrite your initial cash offer and the users who have already voted will be unable to redeem the new cash offer. Please see our Terms document for more details on this.

Your poll points are logged in the pollpoints tab and your cash transactions logged in the cashpoint tab.

You can add 20 options to your poll/survey/election and attach audio recordings, pictures, videos, websites and PDF documents to each option.

A neat feature is to place a “#” hashtag  beside a word or phrase and after posting your content, that word or phrase becomes an active link directing users to a Google search page on that word/phrase.

You can include unlimited number of questions in your survey.

YouPOLL App is packed with entertaining content including quizzes, riddles, fun polls in categories such as movies, music, pop culture, medicine, technology and many more. Political polls for every country are also archived and links to a selection of your favourite news and lifestyle websites can be found in the “News” category. With the search feature you can search for any poll on any topic posted publicly.

Unwanted content including added extra poll options, polls, surveys, comments, created groups and friends within groups can be deleted by sliding left in iOS and long press for Android devices. You can delete your account via the settings but note that your content, earned cash & poll points cannot be retrieved once deleted.

Please refrain from posting offensive content publicly as content is constantly moderated and your account can be terminated.

For more information on the many other features and how they work, please contact us by email [email protected] & [email protected]

Thank you for installing YouPOLL.